Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pink Floral

I curently love wearing floral outfit because I always feels pretty when I was wearing floral outfit . In this post I combine this floral legging with white cut out shirt , I got this idea from one of my closest friend , TRISKA . yes she is not a blogger but she's have a great taste about fashion and fine art . I promise my friend , Triska will be appear on my blog on my next post ya

By the way this photos was take by triska too . I currently have a new closest friends because they come to my life and colouring my life and makes my life seems like a well known fairy tale called snow white that have many good, friendly and nice friends , sometimes when you feel retarded because of school , home and the other bad reason , talk to your friend is the best way to fix your problem .

Triska's white cut out shirt  , Pull and Bear floral legging  , New Look bag

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busyness Endless

I really miss posting some post on my blog but in fact I became neglect to my blog , so sorry . I actually really busy lately because many tasks and events. I became a committee in the event at the school called high school  festival for three days . In high school festival, there are three main events ( Music Festival , Foodstival and Education  Festival ) I was really tired at that time but I really enjoyed it . Btw did you guys watched SM TOWN concert ?? for those of you who came ,you must know the good and bad of the concert but anyway I dont really mind about that because I enjoyed it but it is a pity because there are some personnel who cannot attend .

Because I have not posted anything on my blog since my busyness endless, this is my latest post, in this post I wore my favorite floral shorts from POISE24 . hope you like this post :)

F21 tanktop - Poise24 floral short - New Look shoes

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


papers, assignments, homework and other routine works are waiting for me.I think soon I will be a student at the university and more tasks, papers will be waiting for me. I always hope every day is a holiday but what is the meaning of my life, if there's only a holiday in my life. someone said (I forget the person who said it)that the work we do should be done as our pleasure then every day is a holiday, yeah. thanks for saying it, at least it's a little motivation to do my routine work.

In this post, I was actually wearing all vintage and pastel accents. This looks cuter than I normally wear , what do you think ? btw thanks to my photographer by Rachella Kezia and hairdo by Novia Nikita Ng <3.come on guys , scroll down and see more pictures of my cuter looks :)

I really loves this satchel so much !!

Choco Chips pastel top - Cloth Inc mini skirt in mint - Mossimo satchel bag - June and Julia elleandjess shoes

P.s : sorry for the bad quality of the pictures in this post cause its from ipad camera , I forgot to bring my camera x_x 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Purple Madness

too many assignment that makes me cant have some shoot and write something on my blog. however, I finally got a chance to take a picture, wearing shorts that included my favorite. I get these shorts in the alley29 but that time I was unable to attend ( it was eager to go and attend alley 29, will definitely come for next event)so I asked for help to my friend to buy one short from abocs that suits on me, I bet u also love this dip dye studded short !

This is the madness of purple which I almost wore all purple in this post, I do not know why, but it certainly looks good , interesting and also comfortable to wear because comfortably is one of the most important in fashion .

 on the other background :)

XSML purple top - ABOCS short - June and Julia shoes

Monday, July 23, 2012

Miss Ombre

lately I really like wearing skirts, I wear skirts a lot until I could not post all of my look when wearing the other skirt , in this post I really like the skirt I wear, I usually called it "ombre skirt " because of the shape and color similar to ombre cake, do you feel the same? I got this skirt from a great bargain a few days ago . I combine my ombre skirt with a dress from Forever 21 ( I wore as a top ) .

Forever21 dress (wore as a top)-Mango skirt-Absolutely Women Bracelet-NewLook bag

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fashion Against Bullying

I'm very busy this week because of school and do the routine work. Now finally I had the opportunity to write my latest post. after receiving the email I'm planning to DIY my own clothes (from my white tee) and this is it ! this is my first time to make my own DIY and of course its all about and for Fashion Against Bullying.

I dont agree with some people that have a hobby to bully someone's style without seeing himself/herself and I challenge you to participate in the action is no less important in the world of fashion!  
click this link to contribute : supportFAB 

"I think that everyone has their own style and that's not strange but it is to be himself because its important to be original "

I got this tangerine maxi skirt from Pretty Young Things from weird collection and its my first time to wore it , so pretty right ?

my own DIY shirt - PrettyYoungThings maxi skirt - Chain Reaction Stuff necklace - NewLook shoes

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bird's Nest

 Hot and sunny day everyday in jakarta , it makes me have to wear clothes that do not make me feel the heat and because I very often wear shorts so I chose the green tops from Auburn and Ginger for my latest post. I combined the green tops with a touch of the bird with my favorite skirt.

 Auburn and Ginger green top-  Zara moini skirt-  We Are All CURIOUS black sunnies- Zara shoes

P.S : Thank you to all who have commented in the previous post, I am absolutely delighted with your lovely comment <3

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quarter of An Hour

     Time goes so fast , I felt like only a quarter of an hour a day and make us have to make up time every day .talking about time remains me about associated with what we wear everyday.beautiful dress is one that must be done by the women in this world so as time passes very quickly be accompanied by a beautiful dress and of course should be comfortable and pleasing to the eye is very important things . 

In this post I wore a beautiful dress from Coloriot and I mixed with purple ribbon belt from Stella Rissa , yeah ! simple , beautiful and of course pleasing to the eye .remind that time goes too fast, wear clothes that are comfortable and look good makes us able to enjoy what was there and stay stylish.


Coloriot mustrad dress - Stella Rissa belt - Dorothy Perkins clucth - Pretty Fit black heels

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Addiction

For some reason, I really realized that red was really nice colour. maybe you've seen some of my post very often wear red and wearing shorts and for the next post I promise will not wear shorts anymore . maybe you all already know, what shoes I'm wearing in this post. IWEARUP .yeah! I fell in love with these shoes at first glance, in fact I have very often wear these shoes because the colour and the quality , this shoes is really comfortable . grab one of your favourite , they run out very quickly :)

Mink Pink polkadot shirt - wijaya boutique red short - IWearUp shoes