Friday, November 4, 2011

QI in colaboration with headline management and roberto cavalli

yes,wednesday night i went to just cavalli fashion show at grand opening QI a new dinning and bar concept that very cool and really amaz- place!! QI is next sultan hotel complex (lagoon tower exclusive enterence),yes! in there i met a lot famous people and i love this moment when i saw the runway,btw in just cavalli runaway,my friend ,steffy is there,I will give u some picture about new collection autum and winter from just cavalli of course!! love you guys!! :*
 and this is my look :)
what i wear???
bleazer from breskha
pink tanktop from zara
 so nice vodka!!i love when my tanktop have a same colour with the vodka,look cute right??

 so cool and comfortable place to party!!!

fall in love with this vodka,guava vodka

 many audience in here guys!
this is Stella Chandra,my sister that came to me,she is a fashion student,love her design so much

 the audience is ready for the fashion show
 this is Elly ,the manager of QI dinning place

 this is Reza, the director of headline management and headline models
 Are you readdy for the party and the fashion show!!!!!!!
 magic show at the first,and this is it!!! just cavalli autumn and winter collection!!

 my favourite blazer ever!

 jason is so cool in here ,right? handsome

 this is steffy,sory staffy i shoot u from the back :( u walk to faster, hihihi

 beautifull dress and model,she is 177 cm WOW,how amazzz

and i love every runaway!! many runway i have to come,lovelovelove!!!
and special thank you for the headline model ,my friend,and my baby
" Steffy Ongki Wijaya"
see u on ,more post !!
hope you like :*

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NOVEMBER, a time for leaves,love & laughter

WELCOME november, i'll will post very soon about QI in colaboration with headline managemant and JUST CAVALLI .yes, im going to the fashion show and grand opening QI (near sultan hotel complex) so excited in there !!!

btw i get the november wallpaper from srslyliz , yes the amazing blog ! me love the design so muchh