Tuesday, August 28, 2012


papers, assignments, homework and other routine works are waiting for me.I think soon I will be a student at the university and more tasks, papers will be waiting for me. I always hope every day is a holiday but what is the meaning of my life, if there's only a holiday in my life. someone said (I forget the person who said it)that the work we do should be done as our pleasure then every day is a holiday, yeah. thanks for saying it, at least it's a little motivation to do my routine work.

In this post, I was actually wearing all vintage and pastel accents. This looks cuter than I normally wear , what do you think ? btw thanks to my photographer by Rachella Kezia and hairdo by Novia Nikita Ng <3.come on guys , scroll down and see more pictures of my cuter looks :)

I really loves this satchel so much !!

Choco Chips pastel top - Cloth Inc mini skirt in mint - Mossimo satchel bag - June and Julia elleandjess shoes

P.s : sorry for the bad quality of the pictures in this post cause its from ipad camera , I forgot to bring my camera x_x