Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busyness Endless

I really miss posting some post on my blog but in fact I became neglect to my blog , so sorry . I actually really busy lately because many tasks and events. I became a committee in the event at the school called high school  festival for three days . In high school festival, there are three main events ( Music Festival , Foodstival and Education  Festival ) I was really tired at that time but I really enjoyed it . Btw did you guys watched SM TOWN concert ?? for those of you who came ,you must know the good and bad of the concert but anyway I dont really mind about that because I enjoyed it but it is a pity because there are some personnel who cannot attend .

Because I have not posted anything on my blog since my busyness endless, this is my latest post, in this post I wore my favorite floral shorts from POISE24 . hope you like this post :)

F21 tanktop - Poise24 floral short - New Look shoes