Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway

 hi guys, did you know blog called hippie gone mad? I believe you all must know about the blog.
usually most bloggers will provide a giveaway but a giveaway Cindy gave us three at once! the beautiful owner of the blog held a giveaway ,  Cindy Karmoko is the owner, this time in order to welcome the 20 th birthday. and the giveaway is very interesting and creative. and this is it :

The 1st winner will get 1 marnixH&M scarf, 1 faketattoo by faketattoo.se, 1 DIGNITYcloth tee, and 1 CK shock perfume ( how creative and cool giveaway)
 The 2nd Winner: 1 DIGNITYcloth tee and 1 CK shock perfume
3rd Winner: A scarf that Cindy bought from Paris

I bet you would be interested and will definitely join this giveaway. I was also desperate to get a giveaway. one of the conditions to win this giveaway is write a blog about this giveaway and why i deserve to win, why? because of course I'll wear it, certainly in the lookbook and this blog. because in Indonesia there is no H&M store and what's more H&M cooperation with Marni, one brand that I really like. I really want to win, use and create a post in this blog. about perfume Ck shock i really want to get it because I am very sure the perfume will increase my confidence, especially if I got it from a blogger who is very creative and really know about fashion, not to mention the dignity that will get a shirt and I would wear for the lookbook and the blog.
before, I would like to thank you to Cindy Karmoko cause held this giveaway .you can also join this giveaway in HERE .wish I can win <3
P.s dont forget to join my giveaway to in HERE

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