Sunday, May 6, 2012


Touch of black and white with a little lace on it ! i took the picture with all my bestfriend , i really miss photoshoot and tried to searching for the best place and they recomended this place to me , this place is pretty good for me .

 the detail of  my lace short !!pretty right ??and i would give you another picture called behind the scene with besties ! lovessssssssss
 me and my the best piano classic player !!

 i really fall in love with this photoshoot !! thanks YOANA :*

 In the middle of photoshoot me and emmeline have some little photoshoot called messy in spring, this is it !!

 emmeline looked so beautifull in there !! envyyy !!


i would to thanks to all my photograper !! love you guyss <3

white batwing shirt from cloth inc
Tribute lace up boot heels from juice-string

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