Friday, August 24, 2012

Purple Madness

too many assignment that makes me cant have some shoot and write something on my blog. however, I finally got a chance to take a picture, wearing shorts that included my favorite. I get these shorts in the alley29 but that time I was unable to attend ( it was eager to go and attend alley 29, will definitely come for next event)so I asked for help to my friend to buy one short from abocs that suits on me, I bet u also love this dip dye studded short !

This is the madness of purple which I almost wore all purple in this post, I do not know why, but it certainly looks good , interesting and also comfortable to wear because comfortably is one of the most important in fashion .

 on the other background :)

XSML purple top - ABOCS short - June and Julia shoes


  1. majoor love this outfit ☺
    omgomg i love your hee;s and your short madly ☺
    fyi,which camera did you use to take this shot?

  2. your shorts and boots are totally impressed me !

    keep posting ;)

  3. amazing shorts!

  4. Hey there! thanks for your very sweet comment!
    and actually this is my first time stumbled across your blog and I should say that I love your style! it can be really feminine and sometimes really badass! like this purple outfit everything is perfect! just try to improve on the quality of picture, just suggesting though!

    Have a great weekend and followed you!


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  6. Super trend here in Brazil the short tie dye equal to his, I loved the vibrant color.

  7. love your lita boots. and your style is awesome. :)

  8. The boots! WHoaaa.. is it comfortable? I always thinking about purchasing it but kinda afraid it will make my feet sore :(

    Come and hail to my cruise~

  9. nice shorts and nice boots!
    great style, pretty! :D

    Wulan Wu on