Monday, February 27, 2012

In Gradation

I love this top in my first sight ,the first time i see this top when jakarta fashion week 2012 last nov or dec i forgot about the actual month this top's name is charlotta from Nine-12  . you can check for the other awesome clothes ! i swear you will like it :) I really love the colour in gradation omg ,its make me feel woww the colour is really amaz .i love the texture too :)

i have been loving to wear this comfortable shirt from nine-12 with this awesome colour and texture

what I wear :
shirt : Nine-12
bag : MANGO
shoes: Wed's shoes


  1. love the shirt :D
    btw would you mind to follow back my blog? just followed your blog

  2. nine-12 is good enough for local brand.
    i love all the collection.
    and the shirt that you wore is coolness overload!