Sunday, February 26, 2012

Togetherness is all that matter

 I love togetherness , some people said : "togetherness is all that matter " . we laugh , smile,talk about interesting things and now in this post i would to thanks to all my friends that give me a thousand of laughing :). couple weeks ago i go to some special lunch with my friend ,we take a time to have a little photoshoot but sadly i forgot to take a photo for lookbook :( but the most important is togetherness . enjoy :)

Photograph : desy
What i Wear :
clothes : Dolce and Gabanna
bandage skirt :Sstradivarius
shoes : Zara


  1. Hi nana, I'm cici Xandra. How are you? You have a nice blog I see! :) I have a blog too. I've followed you, hope you remember me! :D

    1. hai cici , i wont forget you :)
      i followed your blog to , i think we must meet . we have same thought and sanse of fashion !(i think) ;)